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What Is Autism Parent Training?

Autism parent training is an essential component of ABA therapy. It allows families to gain the necessary knowledge about the diagnosis and help their children cope with daily challenges. Here’s what you can expect from training services for parents of children with autism. 

What Is Autism Parent Training?

Parent training is a key element of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy programs, where families affected by autism can learn relevant parenting skills and get tools to assist their children at home. 


By taking part in autism parent training, you will get the opportunity to: 

  • Obtain a better understanding of your child’s autism diagnosis and functioning
  • Encourage your child’s independence and self-sufficiency
  • Help promote their play, social, and communication skills
  • Learn how to solve daily problems that may arise and navigate different challenges
  • Acquire the necessary skills needed to avoid and manage your child’s disruptive behaviors 
  • Help your child cope with situations that don’t fit into their daily routine
  • Learn how to use praise and rewards to motivate your child
  • Discuss your child’s progress with the therapist and review the goals that have been set for them
  • Consult a professional if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s behavior and development 
  • Get recommendations about other treatments that might be beneficial for your child if there is little or no progress during a current therapy
  • Improve communication with your child
  • Advocate for the school system to use specific strategies that might help your child do better in school. 

Types of autism parent training

Autism parent training can be child-focused, where you learn how to directly deliver interventions to your child, and parent-focused, where you learn how to cope with the difficulties of having a child on the autism spectrum.


In addition, parent education programs are designed to provide information about common autism-related issues, such as sleep problems and emotional regulation, as well as available services and interventions. Your autism parent training may include some elements of parent education programs.

Training formats

Autism parent training can be implemented in an individual or group format. 


Individual training consists of regular, one-to-one meetings with a BCBA in the child’s home environment. It is available for families who require more intensive training for severe behaviors or who wish to follow an individualized training program based on their child’s specific needs. 


On the other hand, group training is a facilitated discussion that addresses the common issues that families of children with autism face. Small group parent training gathers families who have similar needs and challenges of raising a child with autism. An advantage of participating in this type of training is that the cost is split equally between the families, making it more affordable, while still allowing for individualized training.

Benefits of autism parent training

Regardless of its form, autism parent training has numerous benefits for both parents and children, such as:

  • Ensuring that the BCBA’s recommendations and treatment plans are the best fit for your child 
  • Teaching your child important skills at home, such as self-care and following daily routines
  • Improving your child’s communication, social, play, and other skills
  • Enhancing your child’s academic performance and success in school
  • Generalizing and maintaining learned skills in different settings, which is a key component of learning new behaviors
  • Navigating day-to-day life in an effective way
  • Reducing aggressive, self-harming, and antisocial behaviors
  • Potentially reducing the need for prescribed medications
  • Reducing parental stress
  • Creating a positive environment where your child can meet his or her full potential
  • Improving your child’s overall quality of life and well-being.

What Topics Are Discussed by Autism Parent Training?

As part of parent training, you will get the chance to discuss a number of important topics with your BCBA, including:

  • The fundamentals of ABA therapy
  • Your expectations when it comes to your child’s independence and social skills
  • Challenges of parenting a child diagnosed with autism
  • Limit setting and behavior management
  • Solving day-to-day problems
  • Addressing negative behaviors
  • Enhancing the use of proper coping skills
  • Using the most effective ways to administer rewards
  • Developing and maintaining communication, social, and play skills
  • Improving self-help skills and independence.


Continue reading to learn more about how autism parent training works and when you should consider joining a training program. 

How Does Parent Training for Autism Work?

During the initial parent training session, the BCBA will determine the frequency and duration of the training. You will also agree on the expectations, goals, and priorities. For example, you might be required to implement some parts of treatment on your own at home or complete assigned homework. 


Furthermore, the therapist will review ABA strategies that have been shown to help children with autism and that have been personalized to suit your child’s needs. These strategies usually focus on preventing challenging behaviors, deciding how to react when they occur, and finding the best ways to promote positive behaviors. In addition, you will get the opportunity to discuss with the ABA provider the assessments that provide information about your child’s skill levels and cognitive capabilities. 


Parent training typically includes a limited number of behaviors that either occur often, make the most significant impact, or whose replacement would have a positive influence on the child’s quality of life. Although all parents of children with autism can benefit from learning the basic principles of ABA treatment, every family requires learning a different set of skills, depending on the needs and functional level of the child. 

When Should You Consider an Autism Parent Training Program? 

Parent training is highly beneficial for everyone who has a child with autism spectrum disorder. The effectiveness of autism treatment has been shown to be positively impacted by the participation and involvement of parents and other family members. 


Autism parent training can be useful even if your child is not receiving individual ABA therapy services. It will allow you to obtain invaluable guidance and support from a behavior analyst, which may result in meaningful change for your child.


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