ABA Therapy for Children with Autism

We’re Golden Care Therapy, an in-home autism therapy provider, providing ABA therapy to children with autism and their families. Our mission is to help children with autism to live happy, independent and fulfilling lives. We do this by equipping them with the mental, physical and emotional skills they need in order to thrive. 

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Why Golden Care Therapy

Our passionate and dedicated therapists take the time to really get to know the children we work with and their families. This collaborative approach with parents means we’re able to deliver personalized ABA services in a caring and nurturing environment, involving you every step of the way. 732-631-8271 646-362-9446

Which Parent are You?

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The Concerned Parent

I’m worried whether my child will make it in the real world lacking so many skills!”
ABA Therapy will teach your child with autism how to master essential skills for living a productive and successful life.

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The Overwhelmed Parent

“Insurance bills, therapy scheduling, paperwork...Help!”
Don’t sweat the details; We help you through the technicalities so that you can focus on helping your child.

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The Involved Parent

“What can I do to help my child have the best chances for success?”
You can do it too! Parent Training teaches you how to integrate therapy for children with autism into everyday tasks for extra reinforcement.

Our ABA Therapy Process

ABA therapy stands for Applied Behavior Analysis which, in simpler terms, is a method of autism therapy that teaches functional behaviors and new skills. ABA Therapy has a scientifically proven track record for success in helping children with Autism to improve cognitive, social, language, and daily living skills.

Here at Golden Care Therapy our ABA therapy process is focused on success.

Language Skills
We teach your child how to make their needs known. This is an important part of the ABA therapy process.
Skills Acquisition
If your child is struggling to master a specific skill, our experienced team breaks down the process and helps them conquer the challenge.
Behavior Modification
We apply ABA therapy methods to promote positive behaviors and help get your child back on track.
ADL Skills
(Activities of Daily Living)
Simple things are hard for children with Autism, and ABA Therapy helps them manage daily life by teaching them functional skills like dressing, eating and bathing.
Social Skills
Our expert team uses ABA Therapy to help children with ASD to learn valuable skills that encourage them to better integrate socially.
Executive Function
We work on issues that may be preventing your child from learning, like memory, self-control, and flexibility.

Insurance Coverage

We work with all major insurance providers and have extensive experience in helping our customers navigate their plans. This helps to ensure all our customers can get the cover they need when accessing our ABA services.


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