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To become a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) in the state of Indiana, interested individuals are required to meet certain standards. This includes finishing a certified training program and passing a qualified exam. Here’s how to get started on this journey.


What is a RBT?

A Registered Behavior Technician, or RBT, is a professional who works with individuals with behavior challenges. They work to bring impactful changes in the lives of patients who struggle with certain behavior deficits. While these experts work primarily with individuals on the autism spectrum, their services may be used by many other individuals with behavior challenges as well

A RBT is primarily responsible for providing ethical and quality behavior analysis services to those who need it most, using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy methods

While a RBT won’t be creating treatment plans for their patients, they do need to know how to apply ABA therapy in these one-on-one settings. With ABA therapy, the goal is to develop certain skills so that individuals with behavior concerns can learn how to control those behaviors through methods such as behavior modifications, learning life skills or developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

RBTs are entry-level healthcare professionals, and while they work directly with patients, they will also be under supervision of behavior analysts.


What Do RBTs Do on a Daily Basis?

RBTs primary daily role is to administer care to those with behavioral challenges. These behavior specialists work in clinical settings under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). These analysts have further training and education in ABA and will be able to provide more diagnostic services and create the care plans that RBTs help administer.

On a day-to-day basis RBTs may be working with individual clients or they may work with small groups, primarily focusing on the following responsibilities:

  • Measurement
  • Assessment
  • Skill acquisition
  • Behavior reduction
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Scope of practice and professional conduct

In some clinics, especially those that focus on certain specialties, RBTs may need to know more than the aforementioned list of responsibilities. Typically, RBTs work in clinical settings, but some RBTs may perform their services in a client’s home or school programs. Certain RBTs may even get more training to enter into specialties to focus primarily on certain types of behavior challenges.


How Long Does it Take to Get an RBT Degree in Indiana?

If you are interested in receiving a RBT degree in Indiana, you must first meet some eligibility requirements, and enter into a certified RBT program within the state of Indiana.

After qualifying, students complete a 40-hour training course and then have to take and pass the RBT exam at the end of their training. Training will be overseen by a qualified BACB certificant. Students can only take the test after their application is approved.

This initial competency assessment covers everything taught in the course and ensures that everyone taking the assessment has an understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis. In addition to learning about ABA, those going through this training program will also need to learn about some of the administrative work involved with this role.

Once an individual has their RBT certification, there are still things that these professionals will need to do in order to maintain their certification. This includes ongoing supervision, and proof that the individuals have adhered to medical ethics. RBTs will need to take courses (usually available online) to annually renew their certification. This must be done every year approximately 45 days before it expires.


Prerequisites for RBT training in Indiana

In order to enroll in the Registered Behavior Technician training program in Indiana, there are several prerequisites that you need to meet, such as:

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age.
  •  Students must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Students must pass a background check.
  • Students must complete the entire training program.
  • Students must pass a competency assessment.
  • Students must pass the RBT exam.
  • Students must maintain certification with continuing education.

Once students with these requirements pass their training certification they can start applying for jobs as a RBT in different facilities around the country.  

How Much Does RBT Training Cost in Indiana?

For many individuals considering RBT in Indiana, the first concern they have is the cost of getting certified in this field. The average training program costs between $65 and $200, but there are also some free programs as well.

In order to take the entrance test, there is an exam appointment fee of $45 and a certification application processing fee of $50. This means it’s more than worth the initial investment cost for the solid income provided. This is why more and more people are not only becoming RBTs but adding RBT certification to their existing repertoire.


What is the RBT Exam?

Here is what is typically covered on the RBT Exam:

The RBT exam is a 75 multiple-choice question test administered by the Pearson VUE computer-based testing platform. The following topics will be discussed on the exam:


  • Assessment
  • Behavior Reduction
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Measurement
  • Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice
  • Skill Acquisition

Results for this test are given on-site, so students will know right away if they pass. Students who do not pass the exam the first time will be able to take it again one week later. Once students pass, they will be on their way to a rewarding career as a Registered Behavior Technician.


How much does an RBT make in Indiana?

The average salary for a certified RBT in Indiana varies depending on experience, training, hours and the individual behavioral center. The typical average falls between $40,363 and $60,665, These technicians can make as low as $12,024 with the average for professionals in this industry in Indiana being $36,618 per year.

Many RBTs will work hourly in New York, and their average hourly rate typically comes out to slightly above $20 per hour. Many individuals will continue to earn more with experience or can earn more by adding extra certifications or specialties.


Who Can Benefit From Being an RBT?

 While some medical professionals will just become an RBT, it is also a certification that can enhance the careers of many professionals as well. This includes:

  • Hospital administrators and staff
  • Nursing supervisors or specials needs staff
  • Home health aides
  • Case managers
  • Emergency response teams
  • Hospice staff and supervisors
  • substitute teachers
  • Daycare supervisors and staff

The extra training and certification can go a long way in helping these professionals have a better understanding of behavior modification.


If you are ready to work with the best ABA therapy provider in Indiana, give us a call at (732) 402-0297. Our dedicated team is ready to help and we will treat you like family.

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