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GCT: Hi Stephanie! Can you tell us about what drove you to the ABA profession?

Stephanie: Working in a school district has taught me a great deal over the years. Most importantly it helped me realize how rewarding ABA is and I wanted to make more of a difference. In a district we are faced with so many hurdles such as overworked and understaffed so even our best doesn’t seem to be enough. ABA seemed lime the best way to make a difference.

GCT: What does the day to day of your job look like?

Stephanie: My day is a blur usually. With my ABA clients I usually work anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours in a session depending on the day and the client’s mood. Somedays we get through 3 programs and spend lots of time teaching the challenging programs and other days we can work through 10 programs. I can tell you one thing for sure; every day is different! But whatever the days is like, working with my clients brings challenging days as well as many smiles. Every time a client masters a task or progresses in the smallest way fills me with pride.

GCT: What do you find the most challenging in your work as an ABA tech?

Stephanie: Working through the challenges. Some programs gained mastery in a few short days and others take a tremendous amount of time. Finding the patience to not give up when a program becomes difficult can be challenging. I have to remind myself to breath deep and push through it

GCT: How do you balance your career and family?

It has its challenges. I am a workaholic, so I spend a lot of time away from my family, but we make it work. Honestly, I try not to think about it because I am away from my kids so much.

GCT: What have you gained from working at Golden Care?

Stephanie: I have gained so much knowledge from the awesome BCBA’s I have worked with. Pranali and Megan are two of the best BCBA’s I have worked with. I am fortunate enough to work with them and learn from them.

GCT:  What advice do you have for prospective Golden Care candidates? 

First and foremost, develop a relationship with all that you worked with. The client, the family, and your BCBA. You cannot be successful without the support of the BCBA and the family.

GCT: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Stephanie: Be yourself. Be kind always. Take time for yourself. You get what you give, so always give your best.

Thanks, Stephanie! We are amazed always by your dedication to the GCT team. Thank you!

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