sara ventricelli bt

1. What drove you to the ABA Therapist Profession?

I got into ABA Therapy because I enjoy helping others but then feel in love with how rewarding it is.

2. What advice do you have for prospective Golden Care candidates?

Some advice I would give to future Golden Care candidates is to have patience, consistency, and to make the work fun.

3. What drew you to Golden Care originally? How has Golden Care changed since?

What drew me to Golden Care is the opportunity of growth that they offered. Not only have they met this, they have exceeded my expectations of such a great company to work for.

4. What have you gained from working at Golden Care Therapy?

I have gained so much more Knowledge in ABA Therapy since working with Golden Care. I have also experienced so much support from such a wonderful team.

5. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I have ever been given is to take it day by day. Everyday is a new beginning to start again.

6. What is the one thing you would tell your ABA younger/ Therapist self?

One thing I would tell my younger self is to ask questions. Also to have confidence and not to be intimidated by challenges.

7. What is your favorite part in your work at Golden Care Therapy?

My favorite part in working at Golden Care Therapy is going to work with my clients and assisting in their development and growth.

8. What is one thing that you wished people knew about your job?

One thing I wish people knew about my job was how rewarding it is!

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