• Tell us a bit about your job as a BCBA.  
    • As a BCBA for a home program, I am responsible for assessing a client’s skills on an ongoing basis and developing a treatment plan and programs to facilitate skill development.  I coordinate with the family, other related service providers and the behavior technicians on a regular basis to coordinate care.  I also provide ongoing supervision to behavior therapists and parent training to caregivers.  
  • What drove you to the BCBA profession?  
    • I began my career over twenty years ago working as an instructional assistant in an ABA program and later as a behavior technician in a home ABA program.  As a child study team member in a public school, I have been working with children on the Autism Spectrum for my entire professional career and have always been interested in the science of Applied Behavioral Analysis.  I decided to pursue my BCBA twelve years ago through the Rutgers ABA certification program.
  • How do you balance your career and family? 
    • The key to balancing career and family is to not take on more cases than you can handle effectively.  Being a BCBA for a home program allows you to schedule cases around your current schedule and other family obligations.  The opportunity to work remotely is also helpful for work-life balance.
  • How has Golden Care helped you in your career development? 
    • I find that Golden Care has helped me develop as a BCBA through the quality assurance process and opportunities for regular professional development.  With the ever changing insurance mandates and regulations, the feedback on treatment planning and billing is invaluable.  I also very much appreciate the supervision with the Clinical Director, Jenn Franco.  Whenever I have a question or problem with a case, Jenn is only a phone call away.
  • What drew you to Golden Care originally? And how has Golden Care changed since? 
    • I began with Golden Care several years ago and was drawn to the professionals I interacted with within the organization.  I liked how Golden Care embraces technology and uses apps for data management.  I also liked that I could take on as many or as few cases that fit my schedule. Golden Care has changed quite a bit since I began working with them several years ago.  They are expanding and growing and offering more training opportunities for staff.  
  • What have you gained from working at Golden Care? 
    • I have had the opportunity to work with so many caring professionals and wonderful families and clients.
  • What is the favorite part in your work as a BCBA/ of working for Golden Care?  
    • Seeing the progress in my clients and how it positively impacts the life of families. I also love working and providing supervision with the behavior technicians.  There is also something very rewarding about seeing a graph trending in the right direction and seeing a program you developed mastered.
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