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GCT: Hi Nicole, please tell us a bit about your job as a BCBA.

ND: I’ve been a behaviorist in schools as well as in the home. When I make suggestions for children, whether it’s in the home or in school, not only do I utilize strategies that have been proven successful, but I also make sure they can be implemented within that setting and that they’re appropriate for the child. I enjoy doing assessments because you really learn a lot about each child and their family, but I also love watching children interact with their therapists and seeing relationships being built.

GCT: What drove you to the BCBA profession?

ND: I started as a paraprofessional for students with autism. It was so interesting and rewarding for me. I had my certificate in general education but immediately started looking into becoming a BCBA after working with amazing behaviorists at the school for students with autism.

GCT: How has Golden Care helped you in your career development?  

ND: I’ve learned so much about the assessment procedure since I started at Golden Care and more about insurance and billing. I’ve met so many helpful and supportive people.

GCT: What advice do you have for prospective Golden Care candidates?  

ND: Don’t be afraid to ask questions, be open minded and flexible. Also, if you don’t have passion for this field and a desire to learn more, then it may not be the right field for you. I feel that in order to enjoy and succeed in this field, you must start out invested because you’re working with someone’s child and you need to be patient and committed.

GCT: What do you find the most challenging in your work as a BCBA?

ND: Ensuring continuity and consistency between sessions and within the home can be very challenging.

GCT: What drew you to Golden Care originally? And how has Golden Care changed since?

ND:  I found the posting and as soon as I met with the director, I was drawn in by how organized and supportive the staff were. There is always someone willing to answer questions and assist in solving problems.

GCT: What have you gained from working at Golden Care?

ND: I’ve gained more knowledge and confidence in this field and I’ve been able to work with amazing staff and families, and watch children grow and make progress.   

GCT: What is the favorite part in your work as a BCBA/of working for Golden Care?
ND: I love studying behavior. I love figuring out what a child needs or developing an intervention and seeing it make a difference. I love when a child masters a new skill or the pride on their parents’ faces. And I love making a connection with a parent and the look of happiness on their face when they feel understood.

GCT: What is your proudest moment at Golden Care/in your work as a BCBA?

ND: Receiving this award, it means so much to be recognized.

GCT: What is one thing that you wished people knew about your job?

ND: I wish people realized how much of an emotional investment it is. You don’t forget about the cases when you’re at home. And every child is different. No intervention or recommendations are identical because there are so many factors in each case that affect how a child learns and grows.

GCT: What does the day to day of your job look like?

ND: I’m a fulltime teacher in a behavioral disabilities class. So usually, I’m teaching all day and then I transport my children where they need to be while I attend a case and then come home and care for my family before I go to bed and do it all over again. But my career is very fulfilling and I know I am doing exactly what I am meant to do.

GCT: How do you balance your career and family? 

ND: This field is very flexible and I have a supportive husband and family that watch my children when I need them to.

GCT:  What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

ND: To have confidence in myself.

GCT: Thank you for your time Nicole and congratulations again on being January’s Golden Star Award winner. Please keep up all the great work that you do, we really appreciate everything you do for our clients.

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