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We sat down with this month’s Gold Star winner Leon Yin to discover what drives him as a BCBA, what he likes about working for Golden Care Therapy, and what’s the best advice he’s ever been given.

Tell us a bit about your job as a BCBA

I see my job as creating a collaborative environment between BCBA, tech, and parents so that the client can benefit from the involvement of all parties.

What drove you to the BCBA profession?

I began my career as a special ed/ABA teacher over a decade ago. I became a BCBA so I could have the education and credentials to better serve my students.  As a BCBA and teacher, I am able to observe my students everyday and get a better overall picture.

How has Golden Care helped you in your career development?

The flexible schedule allows me to work and at the same time finish graduate school.

What do you find the most challenging in your work as a BCBA?

Working with other professionals who use non-evidence based interventions.

What have you gained from working at Golden Care?

CGT provides a supportive working environment that allows me to be able to concentrate on providing the best service to my clients.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t talk so much when working with people with communication deficits.

What is the favorite part of your work as a BCBA/ of working for Golden Care?

My interactions with the clients.

What is your proudest moment at Golden Care/ in your work as a BCBA?

Seeing kids learn new skills and having parents realize their kids’ potential.

If you’re interested in our services, you can find out more information about our in-home ABA therapy in New Jersey here. Or for job openings, you can view our BCBA therapy jobs NJ here.

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