I have experience working as a paraprofessional in the public school system in New Jersey. I received my first ABA training in this environment. I very much enjoy working and teaching children, especially children in elementary school. I enjoy working with children that have special needs and find it extremely rewarding. Especially working in environment where you were working with the families, your supervisors and colleagues and supporting the students.


Balancing our careers and families, especially during these hectic times, is very challenging. I find that the flexible schedule working as an ABA therapist helps to balance other family obligations. Golden care therapy is very helpful in terms of availing cases to you that you are interested in and during the times that you are looking to work. The families that I have and do work with currently are very flexible in terms of their family obligations and working out times and dates to make up sessions that We need to reschedule.


Golden care therapy has a very dedicated team to support the families, the children and the staff. I find that the BCBAs are very available to give feedback and support, especially in all methods such as telephone calls, texts and emails. There is continuing training and monthly meetings that are extremely helpful. It is great to hear and see feedback from the colleagues that you may not have met in person but that you can meet and get information from up during virtual trainings and meetings.


If anyone is interested and becoming a behavior technician and or a registered behavior technician, I would highly recommend golden care as they are very supportive And communicative with the behavior technicians that are out in the field. Even during after hours when I needed to speak with someone, I find that even upper management as well as supporting staff are always there!


Now golden care therapy I was an extremely professional organization that provides constant support and service to their staff. They are growing and expanding their services and have added additional staff to support the families, staff and the children. The golden care has a strong presence online as well as social media which is very important and critical in digital marketing.


After working for golden care therapy, on my understanding of providing ABA as a medical service to the community has grown. There are many variables in helping to have the child’s targets achieved and mastered. A golden care staff is very knowledgeable and has many staff that have many years of experience in the field and they are able to use their experience and skills to help manage the cases and give you a better understanding of working with the families and children to have a win win situation.


Oh best advice that I was ever given, do what you love and then it is not a job or work!


If I could tell the younger self of me some thing, I would say that I should have gotten involved in education earlier in my career.


My favorite part about being a behavior technician and working for golden care is to see when the children achieve their targets! When they smile and or happy; when they make a sound or say a word! The moments when they are imitating an action or or asking for help nonverbally, those are the moments that you cherish!


A proudest moment For me, working at Golden care therapy, was when a parent told me that any parent or guardian would be lucky to have me as a behavior technician.


The one thing that I would like people to know about how it is to be a behavior technician is that I learn from the children that I work with every day; even if some of these children are nonverbal or have very limited vocalization.

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