Katherine K

My job as an ABA therapist involves working with a client in the home and school setting. I was able to shadow the clients previous ABA therapist before starting in May, and I found that very helpful!

I have always enjoyed working with children on the Autism Spectrum. I have worked in schools and for companies that focus on providing services that require a knowledge and understanding of autism and other diagnosis. I find that I gravitated to this field after going to college for education and teaching.

In order to balance my career and family life, I am always planning ahead for the week. I try to adjust my schedule around appointments and personal commitments. I find that the flexibility in this career makes the life/work balance easier.

Golden Care has helped with my career development by allowing me to work with BCBAs and other therapists. I have learned so much from the collaboration I’ve had with other professionals in the company!

For prospective Golden Care candidates, my best advice is to learn from your mistakes and be open and willing to grow. I have found that being open to feedback and new ideas has helped me so much. Also, I suggest new candidates ask questions!

My favorite part of working for Golden Care is being able to connect with the clients and families. I have grown very fond of my clients and the opportunity to watch them change and excel! ABA has worked to assist my clients and decrease behaviors. It is very rewarding!

The day to day of my job involves meeting my client at their school and spending the day with them there. On the day my client does not go to school, I go to their home and travel with them to speech therapy. I enjoy my schedule and the home/school therapy I can provide.

I would tell my younger self to practice self love and kindness towards oneself in the face of challenges.

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