Jahnasia Litzsey BT
  • Tell us a bit about your job as an ABA Therapist.  As an ABA therapist I get to work one on one with some of the most amazing people I know. Helping my clients develop and understand the way of life is a pure joy. 
  • What drove you to the ABA Therapist profession?  Previously I worked in the DOE, In afterschool programs and learing how to deal with children who has a development delay is what made me come to this field. Also helping out family and friends with similar needs have always made it very easy for me to keep going in this direction.
  • How do you balance your career and family? It isn’t always so easy but you make it work. My availability to my clients is their time and their time alone, however things do happen but always build a relationship with your team.
  • What do you find the most challenging in your work as an ABA Therapist?  The most challenging thing I’ve faced in my time as an ABA therapist is learning that it isn’t my fault that a client isn’t meeting some of the goals. By that I mean you work and try all that you know and ask questions and suggestions but remember never take it personal. They each learn differently.
  • What’s the one thing you’d tell your younger self?  Believe in yourself ! Be kind and always smile. Although I always followed to be kind and smile believing in myself was tough. But no matter what if you think you can then you know you can.
  • What is the favorite part in your work as an ABA Therapist?  Seeing the change and development of my clients. Knowing that they are a little bit closer to independence. 
  • What is one thing that you wished people knew about your job?  Patience and understanding. Learn your clients and really understand what task you are being asked to.
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