aspergers obsessions list

Obsessions in individuals with Asperger’s are marked by the intensity and duration of their interest in a particular topic or object. These interests can be diverse and may change over time or persist throughout their lives. 

Some common obsessions include art, music, gardening, animals, postcodes, numbers, or collecting various objects. It is important to note that obsessions can be unique to each individual.

Many individuals with Asperger’s may also develop strong attachments to specific objects or toys. These objects can provide comfort and security, serving as a source of emotional support.

aspergers obsessions list

Importance of Obsessions

Obsessions play a significant role in the lives of individuals with Asperger’s. For many, these intense interests serve as a coping mechanism, providing structure, order, and predictability in their daily lives. 

At the same time, they can also serve as a way for individuals with Asperger’s to relax and experience happiness. Furthermore, obsessions can act as a social bridge, facilitating conversations and connections with others. 

As such, it is important to recognize and respect the significance of these obsessions in individuals with Asperger’s. While they may seem unusual or intense to others, they often contribute positively to the well-being and overall functioning of individuals with Asperger’s.

Common Obsessions Among Individuals with Asperger’s

Obsessions are common among individuals with Asperger’s, often marked by intense and highly focused interests. These obsessions can vary from person to person and may change over time or remain lifelong. 

Let’s explore some of the common obsessions frequently seen in individuals with Asperger’s below.

Trains and Timetables

Trains, in general, captivate the interest of many individuals with Asperger’s, both children and adults alike. Some individuals with Asperger’s have an extraordinary ability to memorize train timetables and can engage in extensive discussions about trains. This fascination with trains and timetables can be a significant part of their lives.

Mathematics and Numbers

Interest in mathematics can vary among individuals with Asperger’s. While some may struggle with math, others show exceptional abilities and a strong obsession with numbers, division, algebra, and other mathematical concepts. This passion for mathematics can be an area of expertise for individuals with Asperger’s.

IT and Computers

Many individuals with Asperger’s exhibit a keen interest in Information Technology (IT) and computers. They often demonstrate proficiency in using computers and may possess an extensive knowledge of computer systems. 

Some individuals with Asperger’s have found employment in software companies due to their attention to detail and expertise in the field.

aspergers obsessions list

Thomas the Tank Engine

One of the most prevalent obsessions among individuals with Asperger’s is Thomas the Tank Engine. This fascination often leads to a desire to watch Thomas the Tank Engine content for extended periods, sometimes even for 24 hours straight. 

The color blue, which is associated with Thomas, may also be a recurring theme of interest among individuals with Asperger’s.

Science Fiction

Science fiction, including interests in superheroes, Marvel, DC comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who, is a common area of obsession for individuals with Asperger’s. Many individuals with Asperger’s have a deep fascination with science fiction books, films, and TV shows. Exploring the imaginative worlds depicted in science fiction is a source of great joy and interest for them.

It’s important to note that while these are some of the common obsessions observed in individuals with Asperger’s, obsessions can vary widely from person to person

Some individuals may show intense interest in historical dates or events, specific TV programs, dinosaurs, cartoon characters, car registration numbers, bus or train timetables, postcodes, traffic lights, numbers, shapes, body parts, or collecting various objects. 

These obsessions provide a sense of comfort, engagement, and fulfillment for individuals with Asperger’s.

Impact of Obsessions

Obsessions play a significant role in the lives of individuals with Asperger’s syndrome. They can have various impacts on the following aspects of their lives:

aspergers obsessions list

Understanding and respecting the impact of obsessions is essential when supporting individuals with Asperger’s. By recognizing the positive aspects of these obsessions as coping mechanisms, facilitators of social interaction, and sources of emotional attachment, we can create an inclusive environment that embraces and celebrates their unique interests.



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