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Autism toys help kids manage their behavioral, emotional, and sensory symptoms. In the same vein, some toys enhance their academic, social, and motor skills.

If you want your autistic daughter or son to improve in any of these areas, this article has a list of toys that are perfect for children with autism.

What are autism toys?

They entail different types of toys that allow autistic children to calm and/or stimulate their sensory processes. In turn, they can use these toys to concentrate in class, energize their senses, and control their reaction to a certain situation or incident.

Just as importantly, some autism toys could hone their motor capabilities. Others may teach kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) new skills, such as a few of the ones that we will go over in this article.

With that in mind, here is our list of the most popular autism toys, kits, and games (followed by five of the best products that are on the market):

Sensory Kits

Sensory kits are ideal for children that need to regularly stimulate their senses. They are also a great choice for kids with sensory sensitivities, especially in their hands. These autism toys are useful for developing motor skills, too.

When you get a sensory kit, you can expect to find items like stress balls, kinetic sand, stretchable ropes, and whistles, to name a few examples.

There are similar kits for autistic children that have other sensory issues.

Fidget Kits

If your boy or girl struggles with anxiety, stress, and/or restlessness, a fidget kit may enable them to calm down and stay still.

Some of the kit’s items are small enough to fit in your child’s backpack (alongside their books) or even their pocket. Because of that, autistic kids can use them in different environments, such as to maintain their focus in class.

Fidget kits have contents that are made from multiple textures. For instance, balls or stretchable shapes that feel sticky/gooey and stuffed animals that are designed to be squished and squeezed.

Many fidget kits also have practical applications. Examples include fun and appealing-looking timers and puzzle balls.

Sound Puzzles

Consider utilizing a sound puzzle to teach your kid what various animals and objects (like cars, machines, and musical instruments) sound like.

In the same vein, since a sound puzzle plays the noise of the animal or object that your child presses on, it helps them learn about cause and effect, which is one of the cornerstone concepts that therapists who work with autistic kids rely on.

There are other autism toys that teach children critical skills in a similarly-engaging manner.

“What Should I Do Now” Game

This is a go-to choice for enhancing social capabilities. The game’s players can emulate real-life situations and find ways to handle them.

Above all, this is done in a casual and fun setting that kids will enjoy.

Chew Toy

Chewy toys, which come in multiple shapes, serve the following purposes:

  • These autism toys allow for the healthy growth and development of teeth and jaw muscles.
  • When they’re angry or anxious, children with ASD can resort to chew toys instead of biting their friends, family members, or classmates.
  • They provide an avenue for sensory stimulation.

Keep in mind that, if you want to energize an autistic girl or boy’s other senses, you have alternative autism toys to pick from.

Rainmaker Toys

An excellent form of hearing stimulation, kids can create their own musical rhythms with rainmaker toys.

To add to that, those with a passion for music could discover it at an early stage and, from there, utilize music therapy to treat their ASD symptoms.

Rainmaker toys, which require regular shaking, are particularly suitable for children that have high energy levels. Conversely, there are autism toys for those who prefer a more relaxing form of sensory engagement.

Vibrating Cushion

A vibrating cushion has incredibly calming effects, and it may ease a lot of stress, anxiety, and tension. On top of that, because it minimizes autism’s sensory symptoms, autistic children tend to communicate and socialize better while they sit on one.

In fact, many autism toys that could be used as furniture have comparable benefits.

Rocking Board

Alongside lightening up your autistic son or daughter’s mood, a rocking board will keep them physically active, strengthen their muscles, and act as a sensory impetus.

For a more therapeutically-enhancing autism toy, think about whether a therapy swing would suit you.

Therapy Swing

In addition to the positive aspects that the rocking board offers, a therapy swing is soothing for your child. It also provides them with a way to relax while their sensory processes are comfortable.

Ball Pit

Among all the autism toys that we went over, this is arguably the most comfortable, relaxing, and, at the same time, exciting one.

Ball pits allow children to enjoy a massage-like experience (especially autistic kids that have sensitivity issues).

Not only do ball pits stimulate their touch-related senses, but certain types have therapeutic visual and audio enhancements, as well. This includes one of the five toys that are on our list.

After you go through the full list, you will have an idea of which toys work best for you and your child’s needs.

Five Potential Autism Toys for Your Child

LED Vibro-Acoustic Ball Pit: $3,111.95

The LED Vibro-Acoustic Ball Pit is on the pricier end of the list. Yet, it comes with a vibrating floor, LED lights, 1,000 clear balls, and a Bluetooth-compatible audio system.

These features and characteristics make it an incredibly beneficial toy for kids with ASD.

Therapy Swing for Kids with Special Needs (Hardware Included): $35.99-$75.98

This therapy swing for kids with special needs is a much more affordable option. Professional therapists who work with autistic children condone using it, and some of them deploy it in therapeutic sessions.

The swing teaches kids how to balance their body and utilize their motor skills. Your child can enjoy the swing and stimulate their senses while they sit, lay down, or even bounce on its stretchy and soft fabric.

FocusPad 3-in-1 (Sensory Seat and Feet Cushion): $32.99

The FocusPad 3-in-1 is designed for both children and adults. Your autistic son or daughter could also rely on it in several situations (for example, in class, at home, during therapy sessions, or in the car), especially because of its silent vibrations.

In addition to energizing a child’s sensory functions when they sit on it, the FocusPad 3-in-1 can stimulate the back and feet.

Deluxe Fidget Bundle: $34.95

This Deluxe Fidget Bundle has over 30 toys, puzzles, and items. Your kid will have fun, discover new things, and learn how to direct their attention towards a specific toy or item as they play with the kit.

This might come in handy in various settings, such as at school or while on road trips.

Super Sensory Kit: $49.99

This Super Sensory Kit has the items that your child needs to stay calm, concentrated, and mentally engaged, ranging from a kinetic sand to a liquid timer.

With that being said, all the autism toys that we outlined in this article can help autistic kids with their mood and focus, stimulate their sensory processes, and keep them entertained as they learn new things.

Now that you know about the different types of autism toys and why they’re very useful for children, pick the ones that would suit your autistic daughter or son best.

This should be based on their individual and unique behavioral, emotional, sensory, and educational demands.

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