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There has been a lot of media coverage reporting on the prevalence of autism in New Jersey. Amongst all the headlines is the fact that autism rates among children in our state is now the highest in the country. And while an autism diagnosis can be tough for many families, the good news is that New Jersey provides a fantastic support network of charities and community organizations.

That’s why we’ve put together this article, listing the major autism support groups in NJ. And you can also download a detailed list of 15 organizations here.

The Arc of New Jersey

The Arc of New Jersey is the largest non profit organization in the state that’s dedicated to helping families with autism navigate the system of care. The website hosts an incredible range of resources across lots of formats, including webinars, Facebook Live events and even podcasts

For parents or caregivers in need of immediate help navigating the system, just submit a problem intake form to receive direct support from a member of staff. The organization also provides events on a weekly basis, check their events calendar for more information.     

Autism New Jersey

Autism New Jersey is a non profit organization committed to helping people with autism, their families and professionals that work with them to have fulfilling lives. They offer a range of services within New Jersey. This includes a free helpline (800.4.AUTISM) and online directory which provides up to date advice on autism treatments and services. 

The organization also provides a wealth of online resources for parents and professionals. In addition to this they regularly host a schedule of workshops and webinars throughout the state.   

Parents of Autisic Children (POAC)

POAC is a non-profit that aims to make a difference for every child with autism in New Jersey. They run hundreds of events each year for the autism community. These include everything from support and social groups for parents, pool parties for children and dances for teens with ASD. So if you’re looking for social activities for you or your children, this is a great support network in which to be part.

POAC also provides plenty of online resources for parents and professionals. And finally, another great service you’ll find here is NJ Autism Warriors which is an online support group for parents with children with autism.  

Autism Family Services of New Jersey

Autism Family Services of New Jersey (AFSNJ), an affiliate of the Family Resource Network, is dedicated to ensuring a better quality of life for individuals with autism and their families. They provide a range of services and assistance programs, including after school clubs, career planning assistance and scholarships. 

Once a year the AFSNJ also hosts the Autism Beach Bash. Hosted in Belmar, this is the largest gathering in NJ of people with autism and their families. It includes surfing, arts and crafts, dance and plenty of other interactive activities.

Easterseals New Jersey

Easterseals New Jersey is a non profit with more than 70 years of experience helping people with ASD and other special needs. Their support services are aimed more towards the adult population and are split into three categories: Live, Learn and Work. The Live program provides residential services. The Learn program provides case management and behavior services. While the Work program provides training and supported employment.     

Eden Autism

Eden Autism is a New Jersey autism support group non profit. It aims to provide a lifetime of support to people with autism as well as their families, teachers, employers, caregivers and friends. Their services include an infant and toddler program, a private school and adults services. They also host a regular program of events within the New Jersey community.

State of New Jersey Resources

The State of New Jersey provides plenty of resources and support for people with autism and their families. The Department of Human Services provides public funding for services and support that assists New Jersey adults living with autism, while the Department of Education provides these resources for parents and families. You can also download this comprehensive guide to navigating the NJ service systems for individuals with ASD which provides in depth advice to families.

And there are plenty of other Autism support groups IN NJ

The above organizations are some of the largest autism support groups in NJ. However there are dozens of other groups available such as autism parent support groups in New Jersey. You can download here a list of 15 non-profit groups and organizations

For more autism resources for families in New Jersey, visit our blog directory. Or if you would like to find out more about the ABA services we provide to children with autism, you can get in touch here.  

Estee Rothstein BCBA, Executive Director at Golden Care Therapy

Estee Rothstein BCBA, Executive Director at Golden Care Therapy

Estee Rothstein is the Executive Director of Golden Care Therapy. She is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a master’s degree in Education. A proud mom of six, Estee brings her unique parenting perspective to her long career working with children with autism that spans more than 20 years. Outside of running her business, Estee also provides advice and consultancy to other professionals working in the field, and is a frequent speaker and writer on a range of autism topics.