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As a family member of a child (or adult) with autism, support groups can be one of your most important resources in navigating certain ups and downs. Autism support groups can help you learn better communication strategies, find a group of peers and they can be helpful for individuals with autism as well.

Here’s how to find the best autism support groups in Indiana for you or your family.

Cass County Autism Support Group 

The Cass County Autism Support group meets in Logansport, IN and was developed to help bring awareness to children with autism and provide support for their families.

This local support group meets the second Thursday of every month at Lifegate Church in Logansport, Indiana. These meetings take place at 6:00 PM. Those interested in this support group can reach out to [email protected] or by calling 800-608-8449 ext. 909.


V.E.N.T. is an organization that stands for:

Voicing your story

Exploring new options

Networking with peers

Tips and techniques

This support group was developed as an opportunity for families to connect with one another as they share their experiences, stories and struggles. The goal is to bring parents together to share tips while exploring new options and resources.

This support group meets every month at different days and at different locations, but meetings stay in the northwestern area of the state. Those interested in this support group can reach out to [email protected], or families call 800-609-8449 ext. 101.

ASI Clinton County Support Group

The ASI Clinton County Support Group is available to provide resources for those in Clinton County, Indiana and has an active support group that meets regularly in varying locations. This support group is a branch of the Autism Society of Indiana and not only have regular discussions but other sensory-friendly events for children with autism.

For more information on this support group, or access to their virtual community, visit the ASI Clinton County Support Group Facebook page.

Turnstone Parent Support Group

The support group is specifically catered to parents of children with autism. This group meets in Fort Wayne, IN. You can contact this support group and learn more about the types of resources they offer. Turnstone has support group meetings the third Wednesday of every month and offers families with members on the autism spectrum with a sense of community.

You can call 260-483-2100 ext. 253 or email [email protected] to learn more about this support group and determine if Turnstone is the right option for you.

Empower Encourage Enjoy the Autism Spectrum

Empower Encourage Enjoy the Autism Spectrum isn’t just a group with a positive name that encourages finding the brighter side of having a loved one with autism spectrum disorder. This organization has group meetings that encourage parents to share their experiences and provide a welcoming environment for parents and other caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorders so they can get the type of positive support they need.

This group is based out of Allen County and offers both simultaneous in-person and online meeting opportunities for families. They are currently the longest-running support group in the area. You can contact the organizers of this support group by calling 260-637-4409 or by emailing [email protected] for more information.

Autism Society of America, Indiana Chapter

The Autism Society of America is one of the largest nonprofits of its kind and has chapters throughout the country. This includes their Indiana chapter. In addition to providing local families with resources, the Indiana chapter of this organization also has support groups available for individuals with autism and heir families.

As one of the largest organizations of its kind, this organization not only offers support groups, but other resources for individuals and their families as well as in-person events designed to bring children together and offer enriching opportunities for children with autism spectrum disorder. You can find out more about these support groups by emailing [email protected] or visiting

ABA Parent

This Indiana-based support group gets it name from the popular and effective ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy treatment used to help children with autism learn new skill and behaviors. This private group is for parents and guardians who need or who are interested in ABA therapy so that they may come together and get the support that they need while building a community of felly parents.

More information on this group can be found through the organization’s Facebook page.

Indiana Biomedical Kids

Indiana Biomedical Kids is an organization designed to help enrich the lives of children with autism. They also have support groups available. Hi group is part of the National Autism Association of Northwestern Indiana—a group that is dedicated to bringing hope, support and information to families with children on the autism spectrum. 

You can contact this group by emailing either [email protected] or [email protected].

Families of Autism Coming Together

As the name suggests, this group is all about bringing families together. Families of Autism Coming Together is based out of Whitley County. This is a private, members-only group of parents who get together regularly to offer support and to share important information with one another.

You can contact the leaders of this organization to learn more about their support groups by contacting [email protected] or [email protected]


Based out of Elkhart, IN, the organization known as The VOICE is all about bringing a voice to individuals with autism. This organization not only has a support group but they host other events and get-togethers throughout the area to help enrich the lives of the many families in this part of Indiana who have family members on the autism spectrum.

In addition to their outreach efforts, this organization also has a support group. You can learn more about this group by emailing [email protected] or calling 574-294-6197 ext. 5.

With this comprehensive list of autism support groups in place, there is no better time to get out and start finding the right autism support group for you and your family. No matter what your current situation is, there are Indiana based support groups available that can provide the right supportive community for those who need their services most.  


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