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Over the last few years, it has become easier to do tasks virtually. ABA therapy is no exception. 


Let’s discuss what ABA telehealth therapy is, the benefits of it,  and whether it’s an effective method that parents should adopt for their child with autism. 


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of medical or health care over electronic communications. It is also referred to as telemedicine, telepsychiatry, or telepsychology.

It allows you to get professional healthcare services remotely from the comfort of your home. Through telehealth, patients and medical professionals can have long-distance clinical contact, and the medical professional can advise the patient.

Telehealth can be delivered either in a synchronous way in which the doctor communicates information to you via mobile phone or computer or in an asynchronous way in which information is recorded and shared with the doctor later.

Another telehealth method is remote patient monitoring in which your measurements like weight, height, and blood pressure are sent to your preferred health care provider.

Some of the technologies used in telehealth are live video conferencing and mobile health apps. Therapists can also use these technologies for therapy.

There are a number of benefits of telehealth, which is why more and more patients and doctors are opting for it.

What are the Benefits of Telehealth?

Since COVID-19 caused everyone to social distance, and the need for health services increased, many people turned to telehealth medicine to access their medical needs. There are numerous advantages that we can discuss.


Telehealth is a convenient option for you. With telehealth, a healthcare provider can diagnose you remotely from anywhere in the world. Also, in some states, your prescriptions will be immediately sent to a local pharmacy.

In addition, one can receive care wherever they are and therapy can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can save time and travel costs.

Thus, in short, telehealth is a time saver. It is a convenient and suitable option.


Delivers Health Services in Rural Areas

Another benefit of telehealth is that you can still easily access medical care if you live in rural areas of the country. Telehealth has made the provision of healthcare more accessible to remote areas.


Helps Patients with Mobility Issues

Many citizens face transportation challenges due to their health conditions. These people can now get the best healthcare services through telehealth when and where they need them. This is a huge advantage for the elderly and disabled population


Ensures that the Patient Gets to the Right Provider

Telehealth supports timely care. It ensures that you reach the right provider promptly without getting stuck in the emergency room or urgent care clinic.


Allows Patients to Get Treatment Independently

Many patients, especially senior citizens, require help getting to a hospital. With the aid of telehealth, such patients can reach out to a medical professional independently.

Telehealth has helped reduce your dependency on others for your treatment. You can simply access a professional healthcare provider with a click of a button.



Telehealth is affordable. By using telehealth, you can save the obvious transportation charges as well as other expenses when going to a hospital for an emergency checkup.


Offers Numerous Telehealth Tech Options

Telehealth offers numerous telehealth tech options. This includes mobile phones or other devices to upload information, an app to estimate the insulin needed, and an online patient portal to view tests or schedule appointments.

Similarly, you can use an online platform to order testing supplies and medications, use mobile retinal photo-screening to monitor diabetic retinopathy, and email, text, and phone reminders for preventive care.

While there are a number of benefits of telehealth, it is important for you to know whether telehealth therapy is covered by insurance or not. Contact your insurance provider to get complete details on your coverage.

Does insurance cover Telehealth ABA Therapy?

During the coronavirus pandemic, the government and many private insurance companies expanded telehealth coverage to support families.

Though most insurance companies cover telehealth for ABA therapy, it is important that you verify with your insurance company to know its respective policy.

Let’s discuss how telehealth helps those with autism and ABA therapy.


How Does Telehealth Help with Autism Therapy?

The consequences of coronavirus reached beyond those who had the virus. Many kids with ASD were compelled to postpone their applied behavior analysis and other essential therapies to protect the health of those around them.

Here telehealth came to the rescue. Telehealth provides many benefits for parents of kids with autism and adults on the autism spectrum.

  • Shortens the waiting lists
  • Overcomes the geographical boundaries by offering you services remotely
  • Flexibility in session timings
  • Links you to Specialists you may not find locally
  • Allows parents to take part in training without leaving the comfort of their home
  • Provides both standard and functional behavioral assessments
  • Develops and changes behavior intervention plans
  • Makes your treatment affordable
  • Provide ABA treatments

Despite a number of advantages of telehealth for autism therapy, you might wonder whether telehealth is effective for kids with autism or not.


Is Telehealth Effective in Autism Therapy?

Many parents are still debating whether telehealth is effective for administering ABA therapy for autism. It is a genuine concern of parents, as they are looking for the best, most suitable option to support their child with autism. 

According to the research published by the National Institutes of Health, telehealth is a suitable method to administer ABA therapy for autism.

The study revealed that it does not matter whether treatment for behavior problems linked with autism spectrum disorders is done in person or remotely. ABA procedures can be used successfully to treat it.

It can be advantageous to use ABA telehealth as it is cost-effective compared to in-person therapy. Geographical barriers are removed with ABA telehealth.

Thus, families with internet access can use ABA telehealth in the most beneficial way possible. Here, it is also important to discuss how telehealth works.


How does telehealth work?

Telehealth services are secure and private as they comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Also, the same highly qualified ABA providers you would meet in person will be the ones providing you with telehealth services.

Once you have decided to use telehealth, the Golden Care Therapy team will give you relevant instructions that you must follow to schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider via your computer or smartphone.

When you request a visit after submitting relevant information on your condition, the healthcare provider may accept, decline, or schedule your visit at a time that is convenient for you. This is basically how telehealth works.

You can call Golden Care Therapy or fill out a contact form online if you have any queries about how telehealth works or want to learn how to register for this service.


Looking to Start Telehealth Therapy for Your Child with Autism?

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