In-Home ABA Therapy in Paramus

If you are looking for an agency to provide in-home ABA therapy in Paramus, you came to the right place. Since our founding we have provided compassionate and skilled ABA therapy services to hundreds of Paramus patients.

With over 90 ABA therapists in the Paramus area, Golden Care therapy is the perfect agency for parents looking for in-home ABA therapy.

Our Process

We have a five step process for ensuring your child will receive the best results from his ABA therapy sessions.


After we receive your formal diagnoses and information we will begin our assessment process.

Our clinical director will travel to your Paramus home and spend a few hours with you and your child to evaluate his or her skills and challenges.


We will send a report of our assessment to your insurance company for approval of our ABA therapy services.


At Golden Care Therapy our incredible Paramus team is able to work around your schedule. You let us know what time is most convenient for your child and we show up. It’s as simple as that.


The entire Paramus team, which includes ABA therapist/s, BCBA, case manager and clinical director, will follow a customized ABA therapy program that will help your child thrive.


Your therapy team will keep careful notes to track your child’s progress. This allows us to tweak the treatment plan when necessary. Additionally, it allows you to better understand and be more involved in the therapy process.

Want to join our Paramus team?

We are always looking for skilled and compassionate therapists and technicians to join our team. We offer hands-on support, a flexible work schedule, and a great work environment with possibilities for advancement.

So if you are ready to join the best ABA therapy team in Paramus click here.


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