Team Estee Rothstein
Estee Rothstein

Executive Director

Estee Rothstein, BCBA, is the Executive Director of GCT, or, as she likes to be called, the Self-Designated Adult In-Charge. Estee wears many hats in the company, as she brings her energy, insight, humor and entrepreneurship skills together to keep Golden Care’s wheels well oiled.

As a real deal Soccer Mom, Estee spends her free time cheering at her sons’ baseball games, and chaperoning school trips.

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Jeffrey Schwartz

Chief Operating Officer

Jeffrey Schwartz, COO, aka the “details guy” at Golden Care, brings a unique range of skills and experience to the GCT team.

His ground-up approach to successful customer relationships and team-building is based on his years of working with both Fortune 500 companies and private businesses. Jeffrey’s enthusiasm, sense of humor, and personality are what makes him (and Golden Care) so successful.

When he’s not managing the day-to-day operations at GCT, Jeffrey takes a well-deserved break by reading, bike riding, and spending time with his family.

Team Leah Klein
Leah Klein


Leah works as the GCT Family Liaison (aka the Happiness Hero), creating therapy schedules, communicating with team members, directing clinical concerns, and navigating families throughout the process. Leah’s exceptional organizational skill, efficiency, compassion and patience, make her a favorite with GCT families.

When she’s not at work, Leah can be found spending quality time with her husband and two children, or on exotic vacations.