Interview with Alonda Braxton, Behavior Tech
January 10, 2019
Interview with Stephanie Loibl, Behavior Tech
April 10, 2019

GCT: Hi Noel! Can you tell us about what drove you to the BCBA profession? 

Noel: I love behavior!  More accurately, I love working on behavior change. As a School Psychologist intern (17 years ago) I was trained to complete FBAs. I applied that knowledge to help students (and staff) to have more positive experiences through behavior change.  I found the process of analyzing behavior and formulating intervention to be incredibly interesting…problem-solving for a great purpose!  After several years, the ABA course sequence for BCBA was brought to my attention by an intern I was supervising. I was hooked!

GCT: Wow! How has Golden Care helped you in your career development? 

Noel: Working with Golden Care has expanded my professional development simply through the variety of needs and values expressed by my clients and their families.  I learn and grow by finding ways to address needs that fit each unique home and family, and by reading up on strategies and procedures that may be applicable to my client’s needs. 

GCT: What is the favorite part in your work as a BCBA/ of working for Golden Care? 

Noel: Next to seeing progress, getting to know my clients, their families, and the fantastic, hard-working, and skilled therapists!  

GCT: What is your proudest moment in your work as a BCBA? 

Noel: It is difficult to choose just one. When a client learns how to communicate mands or demonstrates progress with reduction in unsafe behavior; those are big wins in my opinion, because of the degree of impact for the client and family. Also, a future BCBA recently shared a client success story with me, and thanked me for how much she learned while we worked together. That felt fantastic! 

GCT: How do you balance your career and family?

Noel: Good question! Balance has always been a challenge for me.  My children are with their father two nights every week. Those are the nights I typically see my clients and do treatment planning.  

GCT: What do you find the most challenging in your work as a BCBA? 

Noel: I recognize that for as much as I have learned, there is always more to learn. I don’t have all the answers. Therefore, my best may not always be enough.

GCT: That’s a great awareness… Thank you Noel for your time, and for all you do for Golden Care. You are such an incredible asset to our team, and we are so grateful to have you on board!


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