Autism clothing is becoming more and more popular as people become more aware of autism. There are many different autism clothing companies that cater to a wide range of needs.

Some autism clothing companies focus on making sure that all the clothes are sensory friendly, while others make fun and trendy clothing for children and adults alike. No matter what your needs are, there is sure to be a clothing company that can help!

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Autism Clothing Challenges

Children with autism may also have sensory processing disorder. This means that they may be sensitive to certain textures, colors, or patterns. This can make it difficult to find autism clothing that is both comfortable and stylish. For autistic children, clothing may feel scratchy, or stiff.

Tags and seams can also be a challenge for those with autism as they can be irritating to the skin. It is important to find autism clothing that is soft, and free of any tags or seams that might cause discomfort.

Some autism clothing companies use special fabrics that are designed to be gentle on the skin, and are also free of any harmful chemicals. These types of clothing can be a bit more expensive, but they are worth the investment.

Another concern when it comes to autism clothing is finding clothes that are easy to get on and off. Many people with autism have difficulty with fine motor skills, so buttons and zippers can be a challenge. Look for autism clothing that has Velcro closures, or is slip-on.

In addition, many children with autism have a hard time keeping still, which can make clothes that need to be pulled up or down challenging.

Common Articles of Clothes that Cause Stress for Autistic Children

  • Tags
  • Seams- especially sock seams
  • Elastics
  • Tough materials


What You Can Do to Help Your Autistic Child Feel Comfortable?

If your autistic child is having trouble finding clothing that they like, there are a few things you can do to help.

  • Talk to your child’s occupational therapist or doctor about what kind of clothing would be best for your child.
  • Try to identify the problem. Is it the waist band? The tags?
  • Adjust the problem if possible
  • Find practical solutions. If your child has an issue of undressing in public, find ways to prevent them from doing so. Have closures be in the back so they can’t reach it.
  • Buy soft clothes that your child feels comfortable in
  • Avoid items like denim and waistbands that may irritate your child
  • Try tag-free and elastic-free options
  • Try pressure clothing. This has built in compressions that many autistic children find comforting.
  • Have your child involved in the process of getting dressed. Give them options and let them decide what they want to wear
  • When you find a product your child likes, buy multiples of it.
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Recommended Clothing Brands for Autistic Children

Hanna Andersson

This company has a wide range of autism clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. They use natural fibers like cotton, and their clothes are free of any harmful chemicals.

Their OEKO-TEX certified cloth is designed to be gentle on the skin, and they have a no-pinch waistband that is perfect for autistic children.

They offer great prices and you can find sales too.

Smart Knit Kids

This company makes seamless autism clothing that is perfect for those with sensory processing disorder. Their clothes are soft, and free of any tags or seams. They even have socks without seams.

They also offer Pressure Wear which has built in compressions. This can be very helpful for children who find it helpful to wear compressions on their body.


While not exclusively for autistic children, Hanes does offer autism clothing that is both affordable and comfortable. Their tag-less t-shirts are a great option for those with autism, as they are soft and free of any irritating tags.

They also have no-pinch waistbands on their pants, which can be very helpful for autistic children who have Sensory Processing Disorder and do not like elastics.



Just because your child has autism, doesn’t mean they can’t find clothes that they feel comfortable in.

With a little bit of research, you can find autism clothing that is soft, free of tags and seams, and easy to get on and off. You may even find brands that offer special features like built-in compressions or no-pinch waistbands. The most important thing is to involve your child in the process, and find clothes that they feel good in.

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